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Xtel Announces Unified Communications Portal Upgrade, Bringing Customers a More Streamlined User Interface

Marlton, NJ – June 27, 2017 – Xtel Communications, Inc., is pleased to announce that we are one of the first providers fully supporting the latest feature advancements from our industry-leading voice softswitch provider: Metaswitch. This overhaul comes with the latest version of Metaswitch’s core infrastructure, called Metasphere EAS (version 9.3.20) and a complete UI overhaul for easier use.

One of the most important changes that users will be able to leverage today is the ground-up refresh for the look and feel of CommPortal, the management interface for their phone and user settings. CommPortal is your one-stop-shop for all phone functionality, including ring order, notifications, dialing options, contacts management, and more.

One refreshing aspect that you’ll notice immediately is the focus on improved navigation. You now have a list of services which drill down into appropriately divided submenus including: Call Settings, Message Settings, Notification, Groups, Mobile, Account Codes and more. These services will dynamically change based on the level of device manager the business provides its users. Advanced settings regarding how incoming calls are forwarded can be found in the upper right hand corner instead of nested a couple of clicks away like they are currently. The bottom banner has user account information and settings such as password changes and help guides. The whole intent behind this redesign is to reduce the number of clicks a user needs to execute a given function while administrating their devices.

Additionally, the administration login for an account or Business Group is now divided into 3 sections; Groups, All Lines, and Services with a navigation bar on the left-hand side. These are relatively self-explanatory with Groups focusing on settings that adjust functionality for a specific group of users (think MLHGs and Ring Groups as well as Supervisor functionality), All Lines is just that (adjust a feature or line appearance on all phones within the business group) and Services. The navigation bar on the left allows for easy access to all other settings while drilled down into the current item being configured.

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