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Network Solutions

In today's interconnected world, businesses face a multitude of challenges in managing their network infrastructure.

Traditional internet solutions, while indispensable, often struggle to meet the demands of modern data-intensive applications and cloud services, resulting in poor connections, reduced productivity and damaging customer experiences. Network solutions that counteract these issues immediately impact business and are critical to a company’s success.

Creating an innovative SD-WAN solution that revolutionizes network management is one of those keys to success. Combined with other network solutions, such as a robust WiFi network and powerful 5G cellular connections, Xtel’s Networks Solutions create continuous connectivity for networks. We provide dedicated internet access and direct connections to Google while combining different providers and products that provide connectivity options on a single invoice. Xtel is a full-service partner with a team spanning decades of experience in network solutions. Working together, our eXperts provide managed customized operations and solutions, enabling your business to collaborate seamlessly across geographically dispersed locations.

The importance of Network Connectivity is on a level we’ve never seen before. Discover the benefits of how our network connectivity solutions can advance your business environment today. As your business continues to grow and the landscape ever evolves, it’s vital that you efficiently have the most up-to-date network connectivity to extract maximum value from your network investments, leading to unmatched increased efficiency and enhanced user experience.



Today’s fast-paced business landscape demands reliable internet connections for organizations to maintain seamless operations and ensure uninterrupted productivity. However, with numerous types and speeds of internet connections available, businesses need help to select the most suitable and cost-effective options to meet their unique needs and challenges while avoiding costly downtime and potential revenue loss.

Xtel offers a comprehensive array of internet access solutions, ranging from low-speed 3Mbps circuits to lightning-fast 100Gbps connections, accommodating organizations of all sizes and requirements to mitigate the risks of downtime and revenue loss due to unreliable connections. The importance of finding a robust and dependable solution to address these pressing concerns looms large for businesses, and we’ve been delivering internet solutions since 1994.


In the evolving digital landscape we live in today, the surge of cloud applications, SaaS, video and mobile has presented a formidable challenge for IT and business leaders seeking to maintain optimal Wide Area Network (WAN) services for their branches. These challenges pose significant risks to the efficiency and future of organizations, requiring modern and innovative connectivity solutions to address these pressing issues.

To tackle these challenges, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) emerged as a revolutionary concept to connect dispersed locations and provide better resource allocation, reduced operational costs and a higher level of performance for critical applications. SD-WAN harnesses the power of automation and cloud-based technologies, providing a streamlined and agile approach to delivering WAN services to geographically dispersed branch offices.



In the digital era, WiFi has become the lifeblood of modern workplaces, providing seamless connectivity for workplace environments and businesses. However, as organizations increasingly rely on wireless networks to support their critical operations, various challenges and risks have emerged, posing significant hurdles to productivity and security.

Xtel’s WiFi solutions, which implement efficient LAN or campus wireless networks tailored to accommodate laptops, Smartphones, Chromebooks and IoT devices, enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their wireless capabilities.

5G & Cellular

The advent of 5G and cellular connections has heralded a new era of connectivity, promising unprecedented speed, ultra-low latency, capacity and efficiency. However, amid the exciting opportunities that 5G brings, there are challenges in ensuring the seamless ability for connected services, from AI and IoT, powering mission-critical scenarios where uninterrupted communication is vital.

To establish reliable and resilient 5G and cellular connections, businesses require innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.


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