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Voice & Unified communications

Communication and collaboration are critical to an organization’s success in a hybrid, fully remote or traditional work environment.

Xtel’s MaX UC Mobility (MaX) addresses the challenges of remote and hybrid work while enhancing productivity and increasing collaboration. We offer seamless connectivity through voice calls, video conferencing, and more and maintain industry-specific security and compliance. Xtel’s modern Voice and UC solutions provide benefits to help you meet and exceed your goals and expectations. 



As the business landscape evolves, empower your organization to communicate without boundaries. Go beyond traditional virtual communications with web conferencing and collaboration solutions seamless in connectivity and user-friendliness.

Enjoy an integrated & connected environment to collaborate from anywhere.

Experience increased productivity and efficiency perfect for modern business needs. 

Emergency Mass Communications

It’s not a matter of if but when an emergency happens in the workplace. Emergency Mass Communications seamlessly integrate into a UCaaS framework, maintaining a lifeline during dire situations. Leverage a reliable communications system to support a link between your teams and emergency personnel.


Hosted Fax

Traditional fax services include outdated technology and hardware, making it a less desirable option but a necessary tool in some industries. Hosted Fax is a reliable alternative that replaces fax machines and lines with the ability to send and receive faxes through digital channels.

Global Reliability and Unlimited Scalability

Hosted fax is a hardware-free, cost-effective solution for every size of business. It offers more security than traditional fax and has all the benefits needed in today’s technology-forward climate. 


Workplace mobility is necessary these days, as team members work on various devices throughout the day–from their smartphones to their laptops and finally to their desktops and back again. Utilizing an application to assist in consistent and reliable connectivity keeps employees connected and engaged regardless of location.

Creates a gateway to efficient, consistent communication.

Decreases information gaps by keeping teams connected.


MS Teams

Phone systems were once the modus operandi for businesses, but communication has transformed to include Microsoft Teams for a more seamless experience. Integrating business phone services with MS Teams offers expanded capabilities that result in more reliable connections, higher quality calls and uniform call distribution.

POTS Replacement

Legacy “plain old telephone service” (POTS) lines no longer fit the bill for the needs of current businesses. All POTS lines are being decommissioned for updated infrastructure per the FCC. POTS Replacement is required in all industries to enhance communications and lower related costs and maintenance.

Flexible SIP or Cellular Solutions

Xtel offers POTS Replacement with Flexible SIP or Cellular Solutions through our LTE cellular system, ensuring maximum reliability and safety. 


SIP Trunking

Session Initial Protocol (SIP) Trunking involves carrying communication, including voice and multimedia, over internet connections via virtual phone lines. SIP trunks are now replacing analog phone lines due to their economical cost, customizable features and increased dependability for business.