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Web Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions

Traditional web conferencing and collaboration solutions often fall short in today’s world of modern business meetings, leaving businesses grappling with connectivity issues, clunky interfaces and a lack of essential features.

Xtel’s HPBX Collaboration Suite propels businesses into a new era of connectivity, productivity and success. Xtel’s HPBX Collaboration Suite stands at the industry’s forefront with its advanced Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) features and capabilities.


Take Workplace Conferencing to a New Level with Xtel’s MaX UC Meeting

MaX UC Meetings  (MaX) goes beyond traditional conferencing solutions. Say goodbye to the limitations of ordinary audio and video conferencing and embrace our seamless approach to collaboration. Engage in face-to-face video discussions, foster real-time idea sharing through instant messaging and elevate your presentations with dynamic screen sharing capabilities.

Its North American-based server infrastructure sets MaX UC Meetings apart, guaranteeing low latency and high-quality connections. Unlike other platforms with their servers  scattered worldwide, causing potential lags, we keep your communication frustration-free. Your ideas deserve to be shared in real-time, regardless of geographical location.

Xtel's Web Conferencing Collaboration Solutions Benefits:

The business communication landscape is evolving, and Xtel is at the forefront of this transformation. Our HPBX Collaboration Suite, anchored by MaX Meetings, empowers your workforce to connect, communicate and collaborate seamlessly. Experience the future of web conferencing and unlock unparalleled productivity, cost savings and growth. Embrace the new standard in business communication with the Xtel collaboration eXperience – where innovation meets collaboration.