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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Employees are your biggest asset, and they're your most significant security risk, too.

Employees are your biggest asset, and they’re your most significant security risk, too. Your greatest defense against bad actors and malicious cyber threats is your team, and the greatest way to arm your team is by providing them with cybersecurity awareness training and education.

Cybersecurity training can be the difference between quickly thwarting a phishing attempt and your network being compromised by bad actors for weeks to months resulting in downtime and loss of revenue. 90% of data breaches are due to human error, and lack of awareness of common cyber threats is the main culprit. As businesses adapt to an increasingly digital world, their mobile and hybrid workforces must stay seamlessly connected, productive, and communicative on your secure business network. Educating employees is a critical component to securing your network, while accommodating a flexible workplace that will thrive in today’s digital landscape. Our Xtel eXperts can support your business initiatives with comprehensive and continuous cybersecurity awareness training.


Xtel's Unique Approach to Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Educating end users on our cybersecurity training program yields high rewards and guarantees ongoing benefits. Failure to implement a program is the number one culprit for a human cyber breach. Xtel’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training programs educate, test, monitor and alert employees to stay one step ahead of today’s most advanced security risks, giving them the tools and skills necessary to recognize any attempted attacks.

Employee Cybersecurity Training and Testing

Xtel produces quality simulations to replicate cybercriminal attacks and highly customized spoofs to recreate real-world scenarios designed to socially engineer your team with known situations. Your team will participate in training activities intended to teach safe cyber practices and incorporates subsequent quizzes to test their ability to identify malicious threats. Our program promotes Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) and Dark Web Hygiene to measure users’ ability to respond to and remediate password compromises.

Our approach does more than educate your team on how to be more secure online – it provides ongoing monitoring and continuous vulnerability alerts.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Includes:


Cybersecurity Program Management

Xtel incorporates your organization’s unique requirements with our tailored cybersecurity training curriculum. Our comprehensive training program launch includes all kick-off messaging and communication best practices for your use. Xtel owns the cybersecurity training awareness program’s success with our smart metrics reporting and a client help desk.

Xtel's Cybersecurity Awareness Training Benefits:

Find out how Cybersecurity Awareness Training benefits industries with security compliance standards:

Healthcare, K-12, Business and Legal

The Xtel eXperience:

From cybersecurity awareness training to a comprehensive suite of technology solutions, Xtel provides telecommunications, cloud and security services suited to different industries and tailored to address their diverse and ever-changing needs.