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DDoS Monitoring and Mitigation

The impact of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks is wide-ranging:

Network congestion, data loss, botted or compromised hosts, major service outages, advanced persistent network threats, exposed regulated and non-regulated data, web defacement and industrial espionage are among the potentially damaging effects of a DDoS attack at any time.

As the core product of our Network Security solutions, our Xtel Cleanpipe DDoS monitoring mitigation solution is integrated into existing services to scan for and mitigate various types of DDoS attacks proactively. Industries from healthcare to education require comprehensive threat detection to avoid the costly damage of DDoS attacks that are highly prevalent and may occur at any time.


Enhance Your Defense Against DDoS Attacks

In collaboration with Arbor Networks, the Xtel Cleanpipe is an intelligent and network-inherent multi-layer DDoS monitoring and mitigation service that quickly mitigates attacks, minimizing financial and legal risk. Xtel Cleanpipe will monitor, detect and destroy DDoS attacks before they even have a chance to start.

The Most Common DDoS Attack Targets

The Xtel Cleanpipe solution provides the industry’s most comprehensive and adaptive suite of threat detection capabilities, designed to protect diverse resources from complex, blended attacks. The key to effective mitigation is identifying and blocking attack traffic while allowing non-attack traffic to flow through to its intended destination. Large-scale DDoS attacks affect the intended victim and any other unfortunate customers who may be using the same shared network service. To reduce this collateral damage, service providers and hosting providers often shut down all traffic destined for the victim’s site, thus completing the DDoS attack.

Get Xtel Cleanpipe for Your Network

With proactive, surgical mitigation in seconds, the Xtel Cleanpipe isolates and removes attack traffic without affecting other users with quick, effective methods.

Xtel Cleanpipe Mitigation Methods

Xtel Cleanpipe Capabilities

The Xtel Cleanpipe real-time mitigation portal details the source of DDoS alerts and the effectiveness of countermeasures on the attack. The portal delivers full packet capture and decodes of detailed standard and attack packet streams, which are stored for future reference and management reporting—giving operators and managers complete visibility and reporting into attacks on their business operations.

Cleanpipe DDoS Defense Specifications

Complete Set of Countermeasures:

The Xtel eXperience:

From DDoS attack mitigation to a comprehensive suite of technology solutions, Xtel provides telecommunications, cloud and security services suited to different industries and tailored to address their diverse and ever-changing needs.