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POTS Replacement

Transform Your Legacy Phone Lines

Known as “plain old telephone service,” POTS lines are the legacy landline phone services businesses use for voice, fax, elevators, alarm lines and more – and it’s time to transform and invest in a POTS Replacement. These traditional POTS lines reside on analog phone systems and have relied on physical copper wires since the 1800s. In 2022, the FCC mandated that all POTS lines in the US are replaced with an alternate solution. Many businesses have received POTS line decommission notices and are searching for the most cost-effective way to replace this outdated infrastructure.

POTS Replacement Enables These Critical Applications:

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POTS Replacement Benefits:

POTS Replacement is necessary across all industries, especially in mission-critical verticals, where life-saving communications are at the forefront, from healthcare and beyond. Not to mention, POTS Replacement delivers a greater level of reliability while offering lower costs and maintenance. When implementing a POTS alternative, it’s also vital that the solution is compliant and meets standards such as PCI, HIPAA, FCC, NFPA and UL.

Xtel’s POTS Replacement Includes:

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LTE Cellular Systems for POTS Replacement: Maximum Reliability, Maximum Safety

Like POTS, cellular lines rely on a circuit-switched network where dedicated lines remain open but protected from other traffic and interference. At a high level, Xtel’s LTE cellular system leverages an analog transition adapter (ATA) to convert the analog signals your alarms generate to digital ones. It also includes an LTE-based router with a SIM card slot and ports for connection to the internet – a handy failover mechanism – as well as a battery backup. In short, the LTE cellular system provides the performance and reliability businesses need. It’s a simple and cost-effective shift from aging POTS lines.