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Managed XDR

Modern businesses require seamless connectivity for network security, as well as a proactive and comprehensive approach that detects, responds to and mitigates a wide range of cyber threats.

Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) provides a vendor-agnostic solution consolidating multiple security products into a single platform to effectively detect and respond to various threats. A Managed XDR program empowers security teams to better identify hazards and possible breaches and provides context around incidents that ultimately bolster response and remediation.

Key Benefits of Managed XDR:

With the full-featured Managed XDR solution from Xtel, customers are provided a seamless program that monitors, educates and identifies cyber threats in one platform. Managed XDR offers manageable streams of robust security, better threat detection and faster event response times, maximizing efficiency by optimizing security analyst time and workload.

Xtel's Managed XDR Key Features:

Built-in event-response and case-management capabilities:

Xtel’s Managed XDR provides enhanced threat detection, response and management across an organization’s digital environment. Our eXperts can create a seamless Managed XDR program for your organization’s unique needs to protect and propel your business forward.