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Hosted Fax

The need for fax services remains undeniable.

However, the traditional fax landscape has been plagued by cumbersome hardware, outdated technology and the looming specter of compliance concerns. Xtel’s Hosted Fax Solution presents a robust, secure and reliable alternative to traditional fax challenges without the need for additional hardware or software. 

Your business can enjoy the efficiency and security of Hosted Fax without the limitations of legacy fax lines impeding your communications.

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Xtel's Hosted Fax Benefits Include:

Step into a new age of fax communication with Xtel’s Hosted Fax Solution. We’re redefining how businesses send, receive and manage fax communications – all while ensuring security, reliability, and compliance at every step. Make the shift today and eXperience an Xtel fax solution that aligns with the speed and agility of the modern business.