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Penetration Testing

What kind of confidence do you have in your network's security?

Proactively testing internal and external security controls allows organizations to assess their infrastructure for vulnerabilities that cybercriminals may compromise. Regular Penetration Testing utilizing comprehensive security scanning solutions with the latest threat intelligence identifies holes in defense systems – before an attack happens.

With a series of real-world attack simulations, Xtel’s pen-testing eXperts identify vulnerabilities within the network and seamlessly assign them for remediation. In combination with other solutions, such as Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Managed Firewall, Penetration Testing enhances a network’s readiness for potential attacks. Additionally, it provides robust recommendations to secure a company’s infrastructure to ultimately improve its digital posture.


Penetration Testing Benefits:

After establishing goals for penetration testing, Xtel will determine which tools are used when responding to a threat and then simulate an attack to identify potential vulnerabilities bad actors can exploit. From these insights, steps can be taken to rectify said vulnerabilities to further improve one’s security posture. With continued penetration testing, a network is better fortified against attacks, and teams are more prepared to respond to such attacks.

Penetration Testing Includes:

Mend the holes in your cybersecurity fabric before they become tears. Regular penetration tests can determine security gaps in your network and support remediation before cybercriminals can exploit them, avoiding costly downtime and revenue loss.

The Xtel eXperience:

From penetration tests to a comprehensive suite of technology solutions, Xtel provides telecommunications, cloud and security services suited to different industries and tailored to address their diverse and ever-changing needs.