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Business Phone Solution with Microsoft Teams Integration

Traditional business phone systems often fall short, leaving organizations grappling with limited features, subpar call quality and disconnected platforms.

Xtel understands that effective communication means more than just connecting calls. Xtel’s Microsoft Teams business phone solution bridges communication gaps and elevates your business to new heights. Our solution harnesses the power of Microsoft Teams while layering on Xtel’s advanced voice platform. Our integration delivers the upgraded features your business needs today to keep up with real-time communication.

With Xtel, customization is not just a promise – it’s our commitment. Our unique network architecture allows organizations to enhance Microsoft Teams with our superior voice platform. You’ve already embraced the Microsoft Teams environment, and now you can supercharge it with Xtel’s premium business phone solution features that go beyond the capabilities of Microsoft’s native voice service.


Xtel's Business Phone Solution with Enhanced MS Teams Include:

Seamless Experience, Unmatched Capabilities

Xtel’s integration with Microsoft Teams doesn’t just bridge the gap – it provides a pathway to expanded capabilities. Our integration comes in two flavors:

Unleash the full potential of Microsoft Teams with Xtel’s enhanced capabilities. Our Microsoft Teams + Business Phone integration empowers your organization with upgraded features designed to enhance your communication experience. Say goodbye to basic call routing and embrace the power of Auto Attendant. Monitor call quality with our Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring, ensuring that every conversation is crystal clear. Set up efficient Contact Center deployments, utilize Hunt Groups for seamless call distribution, and leverage Call Recording for enhanced compliance and training.

Don’t settle for the limitations of ordinary business phone solutions. Experience the future of communication with Xtel’s Microsoft Teams integration today.

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