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New Hosted PBX for Public Library System

A five-branch public library system cut costs and upgraded their phone system by turning to Xtel.

Issues with the Old Phone System

This library system has five separate locations, yet their Premise based systems were not networked together. A few of the locations had phones that were near the end of their support, had no mobility and were difficult to manage and upgrade due to wiring.

The Auto Attendant for this Library was antiquated with a voicemail system that was difficult to manage. The age and structure of the buildings made wiring an expensive undertaking.

Overcoming Challenges

The client requested the ability to have multiple administrators handling different sites simultaneously, along with a common Auto Attendant for all branches with remote sites retaining their own presence. In addition, they wanted custom hold music to inform patrons of upcoming events at each of their locations, and required the ability to transfer calls seamlessly throughout their five branches. The library wanted a cost-effective solution that would also address their wiring concerns.

The Results

The newly installed system allowed the client the ability to remotely manage all aspects of their phone system. The client now has an Auto Attendant that can be managed from any internet connection while maintaining independent branch identity. It allows for custom on-hold messages at each branch, seamless transfer of calls between branches, and made managing voicemails much easier.

This allowed the library system to provide better customer service at a lower cost and the Wi-Fi enabled phones gave them freedom in areas where wiring did not exist due to the age and structure of the buildings.

Xtel’s consultative approach combined with their Hosted Wi-Fi phones solved the issue of costly wiring. The ability to remotely manage the entire system will allow the admins the control they desired and so desperately needed.