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Seamlessly Integrate Microsoft Teams with Xtel’s Advanced Voice Platform

Microsoft Teams Integration: Seamlessly Integrate with Xtel's Advanced Voice Platform

Organizations often face significant struggles when they use traditional business phone systems, including limited features, subpar call quality, and fragmented communication platforms. These issues are important in a work landscape that is increasingly flexible with hybrid and remote work options. 

Xtel provides a solution that goes beyond just connecting calls. We aim to help businesses communicate more effectively by integrating our advanced voice platform with Microsoft Teams. This integration helps bridge communication gaps and elevate businesses.

By leveraging Xtel’s unique network architecture, organizations can customize and improve their communication experience with features that go beyond what Microsoft’s native voice service offers. Here are some advantages of Microsoft Teams Integration. 

Microsoft Teams Integration: Feature-Rich Connectivity  

A Microsoft Teams Integration helps supercharge businesses because Teams is such a valuable tool. How does integrating it with Xtel elevate your connectivity and affect important factors like flexibility, collaboration, and scalability? Here are some features to note:

Customization Options 

Xtel is committed to customization. Our network architecture allows organizations to tailor the Microsoft Teams environment with Xtel’s premium business phone solution features. 

This highly customizable approach also makes our solution scalable, allowing businesses to grow without limits. The system effortlessly adapts to expanding needs, accommodating increased usage and requirements.

Supercharge Teams 

Supercharge Teams by seamlessly integrating with Xtel’s voice platform. Enjoy all the features of Teams, along with the additional benefits of Xtel’s business phone services. This integration elevates your Microsoft Teams experience by providing optimal voice communication control while using Teams’ chat, scheduling, and team grouping features.

Fast and Flexible 

Faster communication means better collaboration and information sharing among your team members. Xtel’s solution aims to keep businesses up-to-date and responsive by providing upgraded features suited for contemporary communication needs. Quick implementation minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity during the deployment process.

Better Support 

Xtel prioritizes support and customer service in a way that a large corporation like Microsoft can’t. The support team is ready to address queries promptly and effectively, ensuring a smooth user experience. Integrating Teams with our business phone system doesn’t just mean optimal communication between you and your employees; it also means better communication when you need support. 

How Does Microsoft Teams Integration Work? 

Xtel’s Microsoft Teams integration goes beyond connectivity. In other words, it doesn’t just mean you will have access to both Teams and our business phone solution. Rather, it means a combination that is more than the sum of its parts. To do this, we offer two integration options: 

  1. Direct Routing: Xtel provides voice services for Microsoft Teams clients through a SIP trunk. This ensures a reliable and feature-rich voice experience, enhancing the communication capabilities within Microsoft Teams. 
  1. MCT Integration (MaX UC Connector to Teams): This integration goes further by incorporating additional features and functionalities. Connecting with Xtel’s Unified Communications (UC) platform unlocks enhanced capabilities within Microsoft Teams, allowing users to leverage the platform’s potential fully.

The integration includes upgraded features to enhance the overall communication experience within Microsoft Teams: 

  • Auto Attendant: Move beyond basic call routing with advanced features. 
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Monitoring: Ensure crystal-clear call quality by monitoring and maintaining high standards. 
  • Contact Center Deployments: Set up efficient contact centers for seamless customer interactions. 
  • Hunt Groups: Facilitate seamless call distribution for improved efficiency. 
  • Call Recording: Enhance compliance and training through the recording of calls. 

Integrate with Xtel Today 

Integrating Xtel’s advanced voice platform with Microsoft Teams unlocks a world of possibilities for businesses. Combining these two solutions enhances communication capabilities, improves collaboration, and increases productivity. Xtel’s highly customizable approach, fast and flexible implementation, and exceptional support make it a great choice for businesses looking for a feature-rich and dependable business phone solution. Reach out today to learn more about how Xtel’s solution can benefit your business.