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Hosted PBX for Public School System

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Xtel provided essential services for a public school district to aid in remote learning.

Learning From Home

A public school district in New Jersey, along with the rest of the schools in the country, was forced to close due to Covid-19. To further assist with the transition from the traditional classroom to homebound instruction, the Superintendent mandated that their teachers engage students over the phone multiple times per week but wanted to mask teacher’s personal cell phone numbers.

Their two initial options, using Google Voice or dialing *67, proved to be inefficient. When Students and Parents did not recognize the numbers, many Impromptu or scheduled calls were simply unanswered.

Xtel’s Premium Licenses

To address this issue, Xtel provided Premium licenses for their Mobility Application to the school district. The Mobility App, which can be used on a smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet, provided teachers with the following functionality:

  • Making and receiving calls with the school’s caller ID
  • Transfer and forward calls
  • Provide call history and contact lists

Xtel’s Mobility and Cloud Meeting services allow teachers to gauge student workload and students to hear a familiar voice while masking the teacher’s personal cell phone number. Scheduled or impromptu calls are identified with your School District’s name and number, eliminating uncertainty and those dreaded “Unidentified” calls.

Additionally, Xtel’s Cloud Meeting service empowers teachers and administrators to conduct video and audio conferences with screen sharing, chat, presence, and the ability to record meetings as needed.