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Hosted PBX Phone System Replacement for DelCo Printing Company

A printing and promotional items company located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania hired Xtel to replace their hosted PBX system.

Their old system was expensive and lacked the latest functionality that was currently available. In addition, the employees were never properly trained on the old system, which led to frustrations and inability to use the features the system did have. Among the missing features were the inability to properly route incoming calls, difficulty in exchanging the call flow, and no mobility features.

Controlling Call Flow

In addition to installing a system that could offer full control of call flow and all mobility features, Xtel needed to put together a customized training program for the staff so they would be knowledgeable enough to get the most out of the system.

Xtel’s simple, web-based dashboard allowed the client to easily change the flow of inbound calls.  The company had a large amount of incoming sales calls due to inbound marketing efforts.  They needed the ability to direct those calls to specific extensions and change those extensions on the fly.  By utilizing Xtel’s web portal to control call flow, the client was able to increase the number of incoming phone calls being answered by a live person by 50%.  This increase in live customer interaction has greatly impacted sales numbers.

Increased Employee Mobility

Xtel’s Accession Mobile application has allowed employees to telecommute while still communicating with people inside and outside the organization. Incoming calls to employees can be routed to their mobile device while outgoing calls from employees will still show as coming from corporate HQ on caller ID. Users also have the ability to directly transfer an incoming phone call to a different extension even when not in the building. In addition, staff can direct dial extensions from their mobile device without having to call into the office and users can “call-jump” (if they are on their office phone and need to leave, they can quickly swap the call to their mobile device), giving them the full functionality of a desk phone on their cell phone. Finally, Accession allows for audio/video conferencing along with online screensharing.

The Results

Our newly installed system solved this organizations problems by increasing live interactions with incoming leads and allowing their staff improved telecommuting options. Having properly trained the employees on the operation of this system has led to a more productive workforce all while saving the client almost 40% per year.