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Xtel Communications Reveals The New

Xtel Communications Reveals The New

Telecom Leader Boosts Cloud, Cybersecurity and Network Solutions Expertise Across Bold New Website 


MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. — Sept. 28, 2023 — Following the success of the recent acquisition of Global Telecom (GTB), Xtel Communications is thrilled to announce the launch of its reimagined website. The bold new website marks a new era for Xtel while highlighting the company’s rich telecommunications history dating back to 1994 when it launched as an Inter-Exchange Carrier (IXC). 

The new was redesigned to convey Xtel’s simplified approach to helping businesses, governments, healthcare, educational and partner organizations solve complex cloud, security and network solution challenges. It also hosts an abundance of resources to provide IT leaders and business owners insights into the best ways to safeguard their sensitive data and deploy cost-effective critical communication needs.

“Our new website is a testament to the Xtel team’s unwavering commitment to supporting our clients and partners’ diverse and ever-changing needs with innovation and the most progressive technology solutions and services tailored to address their industry-specific requirements,” said Brian Flynn, President and CEO of Xtel. 

In addition to an improved user experience, expanded navigation menu and an interactive chatbot, some of the top features of the new include: 

  • An all-new Tech Blog with insights from the Xtel eXperts
  • An expanded video library with a host of guides and tutorials

“We are proud to share Xtel’s long-standing mission across our new website and give visitors an opportunity to learn more about our leadership and team of ‘eXperts’ — some of which have been with us for over 25 years — they are the reason for our continued success and growth,” said Liz Sorino, EVP and co-founder of Xtel. “As a creator of this company, revealing the new is a significant milestone in our next chapter as we enter new markets and continue investing in our network and solutions to meet new digital workforces and cybersecurity demands while always remaining true to our strong guiding principles and dedication to providing top-rated customer experiences and service.”

Customers of GTB (Global Telecom), recently acquired by Xtel, can now access support and other GTB-specific resources directly through a dedicated webpage within Xtel’s new site. 

To experience the revamped, click here.

To learn more about Xtel, visit or follow the company on LinkedIn and Facebook.