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Xtel Communications Announces Partnership With Major Wireless Carrier to Provide Wholesale 5G Services

Improved Connectivity Among the Benefits of the Full Range of 5G and LTE Services Available to Xtel Customers and Partners

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. — June 14, 2023 — Xtel Communications, an innovative telecom, cloud, and network security solutions provider, announces it has joined an elite group of carriers in the United States selected to enter into a 5G wholesale agreement with a major wireless carrier. The partnership enables Xtel to provide low-latency 5G services to its customers and partners to meet the growing demand for improved connectivity across industries. 

This partnership allows Xtel to leverage the wireless carrier’s extensive 5G infrastructure to provide enhanced connectivity, almost 100 times faster than 4G and legacy LTE networks. The agreement will enable Xtel to support customer demand for improved speeds, reliable connectivity, higher data consumption, increased productivity and emerging technologies. With 5G, customers are delivered an optimal solution for primary and backup internet services and a viable option to replace many wireless services, including POTS lines and some internet circuits. 

“We’re thrilled to enter into this agreement with one of the nation’s largest wireless carriers, as it’ll allow us to meet our customers’ growing wireless data requirements for increased speed, lower latency and higher data consumption,” said Brian Flynn, President of Xtel Communications. “ Through this partnership, we’re better prepared to take our customers into the future with the progressive technologies and solutions they need to get there.”

For nearly three decades, Xtel has been at the forefront of telecommunications as an early adopter of technologies that provide vital services to organizations in healthcare, education, legal, government, and small-to-medium enterprises. This agreement is in addition to Xtel’s robust suite of existing solutions and partnerships that include UCaaS, cybersecurity and network security on its privately owned and managed geo-redundant network, allowing customers the convenience of integrating all their services through one trusted provider.

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About Xtel Communications

Xtel Communications is a national provider of the most advanced technology, enabling the secure solutions organizations require to communicate and collaborate across hybrid, digital environments. With over 25 years of experience and backed by the belief that today’s businesses need reliable, scalable services to succeed, the company integrates a wide variety of network, cloud, data and voice offerings with a customer-focused and consultative approach. 

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