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Why Is a CLEC the Clear Choice For Custom, Scalable Voice and Data Solutions?

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 represented a major overhaul of telecommunications law with a primary goal of deregulating the converging broadcasting and telecommunications markets. 

This regulation allowed Xtel and other CLECs to emerge in local phone markets monopolized by legacy ILECs such as Century Link, Verizon, or AT&T. 

This regulatory difference enabled Xtel to innovate and craft the right portfolio of scalable, customizable products and solutions for the businesses that they serve. 

Coast to Coast

Covid-19 dramatically transitioned the corporate workforce into a hybrid or entirely remote experience. Employees must have the same voice, video, and collaboration tools, whether they’re in the corporate location or elsewhere. 

The best way to grow your business while making sure your employees are working in a safe, secure, and productive virtual environment is to invest in a unified technology solution that covers not only collaboration and productivity, but also comprehensive security.  

Corporate decision-makers need insight and clarity when selecting a telecom service provider. Whether your employees are scattered throughout the country in remote offices or work at your corporate headquarters, connectivity and communication are key to your success.

As a CLEC with our roots in traditional network infrastructures, Xtel has evolved into a telecommunications and cloud provider.  With geo-redundant data centers in Philadelphia, New York, and Dallas, we can supply connectivity anywhere in the country, offering UCaaS, traditional voice services, and managed network security.  

Large, legacy regional service providers are limited to providing their voice service options in their geographic footprint.   

What’s Your Backup Plan?

The Internet is crucial for businesses across the world to function. Disruptions are more than an inconvenience to your operations.  Potential economic consequences, in some cases catastrophic, force decision makers to question their tolerance for downtime.  

There are options.  Corporations can create high availability networks by implementing redundancy through multiple, diverse internet connections using Software-defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN).   Physical diversity can be achieved by integrating multiple fiber feeds into their network that don’t share a common entry point in the building.  Wireless broadband communication or LTE can be incorporated as a secondary or tertiary connection used to support voice and data networks. 

Developing redundancy and physical diversity in your networks no longer requires you to sign agreements with multiple service providers, only to have each provider play the blame game, should an issue arise.  

Xtel can provide diverse connectivity for all your locations throughout the country through our integrated network assets. It’s not enough to simply get internet from an ISP.  You need a true technology solutions provider – a trusted consultant who can provide and protect your network from cyber threats. 

Large, legacy regional service providers are limited to providing their data and Internet service options in their geographic footprint. 

Security is King

Is your business vulnerable to cyber threats? What would happen right now if your business was under attack?  These are questions that every business leader needs to consider.   The work-from-home dynamic combined with the rise of global cyber threats has magnified the vulnerabilities caused by home networks not being properly protected. Home networks must be treated as a satellite office with the same communication tools and security policies used in the corporate network. 

The 2022 cybercriminal is discovering new ways to disrupt corporate networks. One of the most common cyber threats that businesses are facing is the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.  A DDoS attack’s purpose is to interrupt and impede your corporate network. DDoS attacks are difficult to avoid and businesses with a reactive approach are finding it nearly impossible to fight off these attacks.  

Businesses with a proactive plan, where the DDoS attack is mitigated BEFORE reaching the business’s network allowing for greater network availability, remain a mission-critical business continuity play for 2022. 

Xtel’s cloud-based managed security and monitoring services proactively detect and triage threats while simultaneously mitigating damage to your networks.

Large, legacy regional service providers are limited to providing their network security options in their geographic footprint. 


As a single-source provider, Xtel designs and delivers managed security solutions, network connectivity, and powerful, intuitive communication and collaboration tools for improved productivity and efficiency for your corporate and satellite locations from coast to coast.

Large, legacy regional service providers are limited to providing their service…, well, you get it. 

Get to Know Xtel

As a thought leader in the industry, Xtel is about getting to know you and sharing our knowledge and insights to help you achieve your technology and business goals. With over 25 years of experience, we are committed to keeping companies ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic business world.

To back our commitment, we offer free technology consultations to get to know you and your business and provide our thoughts and suggestions on what you can do to manage your network better and ensure your provider supports your needs.

You can schedule your Free Technology Consultation with an Xtel advisor HERE.

In the meantime, check out our eBook Work Anywhere – Boost Employee Performance & Protection Against Cyber Attacks in 1 Powerful Move. Inside, we discuss the pros and cons of managing a hybrid workforce and what you need to know to keep your business safe. We will also provide you with a solution!

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