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Why Unified Communications could be the most important decision your business ever makes


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People in the United States check their phones over 46 times per day, according to Deloitte.

The rise of sophisticated Unified Communications (UC) tools is one the biggest movements in the enterprise technology space. The combination of stable telephony and communication services being delivered wherever and however your work force finds most comfortable is a large factor in seamless growth and customer satisfaction.

Companies are always searching for the best way to stay in touch with employees and customers in an agile and reliable way. Using your existing network and hardware, while leveraging employees device(s) of choice is an easy and effective way to expand and diversify your communication pathways making it easier for employees to stay engaged while in the office or out in the field. In the below article, the importance of a true Unified Communications solution is emphasized and expanded upon.

“Giving employees the right tools will allow them to be happier and more productive, leading not just to a better working environment, but also happier customers…”

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