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Top 5 IT Mistakes

common IT issues

A reliable and fast network connection is critical for your business’s success, especially with more employees working from home.

But it’s only one part of your IT equation.

It’s essential you understand how to avoid the expensive IT mistakes that can interrupt service, create liability, and cost you thousands in unwanted expenses.

What are some of the top IT mistakes? Below, we take a closer look at 5 IT must-haves for a business to get their IT running smoothly.

Mistake 1. Forgetting About Network Security

Is your business protected? With cyber threats occurring at a more alarming frequency, it is important for businesses to make sure they are protected – both at home and in the office. Having a unified and comprehensive protection and mitigation solution stack in place can stop attacks before they happen.

Mitigation and removal of data breaches are expensive, and the cost is not just financially significant. Cyber attacks can be enormously destructive to your business, impacting business operations, banking relationships, and customer trust at a minimum.

Network security solutions that Xtel recommends when combatting attacks include DDoS Mitigation and Managed Firewall services that feature:

  • Monitoring and Mitigation
  • Comprehensive Threat Detection
  • Application Control
  • Web Content Filtering

Mistake 2. Subscribing to Services that Aren’t Scalable 

When it comes to your network, communications, and collaboration technology, it’s important to avoid subscribing to one-size-fits-all solutions. Every business is unique and requires technology that can scale with its growth. For a business to manage its network efficiently, there are two fundamental characteristics: scalability and mobility.

The most fundamental aspect of scalability revolves around having a network operating system that can accommodate increases in demand. If your operating system is unable to meet those demands, you may find yourself in a situation where productivity halts until you can update your network.

A scalable solution tailored for your specific business allows you to utilize and pay for the services that you need today instead of paying for features and services that you are not yet ready to leverage. As your operations grow, you’ll eventually find yourself in need of more, but, as we like to say, investing in technology for its own sake is unwise.

Mistake 3. Limited Access to Mobile Applications

Mobility is equally important, especially in the new normal of a work-from-home environment.

If your network is only available on the desktop or can only be accessed in the office, those who are working from home or traveling for business will not be able to collaborate effectively. The ability to work anywhere is essential.

Xtel recommends boosting your ability to be scalable and mobile with solutions such as MaX UC Mobility and MaX UC Meeting.

Mistake 4. Scrimping on Training and Awareness 

One must-have that can go unnoticed is training and awareness for all employees. It is vital that all employees understand the importance of good IT practices and what part they play in helping to protect the network and prevent costly cyber attacks.

Ongoing comprehensive training plans for both new and existing employees should be a part of your IT communications strategy. According to Travelers, training and awareness subjects for employees should include, but are not limited to:

Passwords – Train your employees on how to select strong passwords. 

Software – Make your employees aware that they are not allowed to install unlicensed software on any company computer.

Internet – Train your employees to avoid online links that are suspicious or from unknown sources.

Email – Responsible email usage is the best defense for preventing data theft. Employees should be aware of scams and not respond to emails they do not recognize.

Resources – Train your employees on safeguarding their computers from theft by locking them or keeping them in a secure place. 

Mistake 5. Not Doing Anything

Perhaps the biggest mistake that businesses make when it comes to IT and cybersecurity is doing nothing – or having a reactive approach instead of a proactive one. Thoughts like “it will never happen to us” are unfortunate misconceptions and should be replaced by a mindset of “when this happens to us.”

The pandemic introduced a new type of cyber criminal educated with more inventive ways to hijack your network. It is becoming harder to stop these attacks and, at times, even harder to fix the problems that result from them.

It is better to invest in a comprehensive risk management plan for your IT communications than take a wait-and-see approach against a cyber attack that can cost millions and even put you out of business.

Benefits of Working with Xtel

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To back our commitment, we offer free technology consultations to get to know you and your business and provide our thoughts and suggestions on what you can do to manage your network better and ensure your provider supports your needs.

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