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The Rundown: Three Questions with Dan Miller


This summer has been extra busy here at Xtel, in fact – the engineers have told me we’ve converted over 4000 lines this summer alone(!) not to mention the endless amount of dispatches for new installs, a hefty number of completed projects being high-fived and we expanded our service offerings to include SD-WAN and Xtel’s Cleanpipe DDoS protection.

Luckily, we got some time to sit down with Dan Miller our Director of Service Delivery for this installment of The Run Down.

Dan Miller is Xtel’s Director of Service Delivery. He has over 20 years of experience managing the engineering and delivery of IP networks, unified communications, and advanced contact center technologies. (super cool right?!)

Before joining Xtel Dan worked in the service provider area (carrier, systems integrator), for two Fortune 500 enterprises, and he also owned his own independent telecommunications consulting business for seven years. He is a graduate of Cleveland State University. (Go Vikings!)


MD: What do you view as the “next evolution” in the telecom space?

DM: From my perspective, the next main evolutions in the telecommunications space are the following:

Large Cloud/Application companies getting involved in different parts of the traditional telecommunications business (Google in the Fiber/Broadband world, Amazon releasing a contact center service, many companies wading into mobile telecom). If your apps are massive, you can get into other areas and you want more control of the networks that deliver them.

Software and applications commanding more parts of the infrastructure in real-time (networks, servers). Data centers evolving towards highly distributed, highly switched, constant app-change architectures (Facebook is innovating in this area).  

Possible evolutions in long distance secure high bandwidth wireless formats (i.e. the next evolution of WiMAX/WiBRO and other high power/distance wireless networking formats – can companies make money with these technologies?)

Evolutions in very fast optical networking (research at University of Eindhoven, University of Central Florida College of Optics and Photonics, MIT, and other advanced research centers) 

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the computing and network spaces (further off into the future, but possibly very significant).   

MD: What has been your most interesting project you’ve worked on so far, both at Xtel and in your career?

DM: At Xtel, rolling out our new SD-WAN service, giving customers real time control over their networks has been exciting, interesting and challenging. Our portal makes it easy for customers to take control over their network without being needlessly complicated or requiring deep engineering knowledge.

I worked on a global rollout of a new network and unified communications/contact center architecture that involved 600+ locations, over 50,000 connected users, and work in over 25 different countries. I have been involved in many unique and challenging new technology projects throughout my career, but that was one that definitely stood out.


MD: What is your favorite weekend activity in the greater Philadelphia area?

DM: Walking/Hiking in the many beautiful parks/trails throughout Philadelphia and South Jersey area.

We’re starting new series on our blog, so that you can put a face to all the names you might be working with from Xtel HQ. Stay Tuned for more fun interviews (whenever I can get these people to squeak out 15 minutes for the me)!!


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