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For over 15 years, Harbinder Goraya has been guiding transformative initiatives at Xtel that have left a lasting impact. Currently Vice President of Operations and Engineering, Goraya begin his trajectory at Xtel as a Senior Network Engineer, a professional avenue that swiftly propelled him to the position of Director of Network Services. This distinguished role became his anchor for almost a decade until he began spearheading the operations and engineering department. Notably, his influence extends beyond projects to the composition and growth of diverse teams at Xtel, where he plays an instrumental role in fostering a harmonious and prosperous ecosystem. This multifaceted journey underscores his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and collaboration. 

His achievements include the leadership of a global support team for an exceptional video phone product line at Worldgate Communications, and at Xtel, he played a decisive part in orchestrating the successful launch of our innovative cleanpipe product line. Additionally, his influence extended to the establishment of a resilient infrastructure that catalyzed the swift introduction and growth of Connectivity-based and Unified Communications products.

The fusion of his professional and personal philosophies has proven instrumental in shaping his career trajectory and daily pursuits. The bedrock of transparency, teamwork, diligent effort and unwavering ethical conduct has consistently illuminated his path, guiding and empowering him to make decisions that seamlessly align with business objectives while concurrently nurturing an environment that fosters individual growth and collective success within our Xtel teams. 

Beyond the digital realm, Goraya takes delight in embracing the outdoors and spending time with his wife and children.