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Proactive vs. Reactive DDoS Mitigation

Reactive DDoS Mitigation

As we learned in part 1 of 2 of our DDoS Mitigation blog series, no business can consider themselves immune to cyber attacks. With DDoS attacks on the rise, it is more important than ever to have a comprehensive plan in place to protect your data and corporate network.

In part 2 of our DDoS Mitigation blog series, we take a deeper dive into how you, as a business leader, can protect your network by showcasing the differences between a proactive and reactive DDoS Mitigation plan.

We can all agree that cyber attacks are a concern, do exist, and that we should protect ourselves. 

It’s impossible to know when a cyber attack is going to occur. Cyber security best practices play an integral part in keeping your business up and running no matter what happens. Taking a proactive approach to mitigation helps you defend against cyber attacks before they impact your network.

U.S. News suggests implementing a proactive mitigation strategy that includes at least some of the following basic necessities:

  • Protect Your Router – Your router is a key entry point for cybercriminals and needs good protection. Make sure yours has strong encryption and a strong password, not the one you get when it comes out of the box.
  • Use Strong Passwords on Internet-Connected Devices – Even if your router is secure, an attacker might find vulnerabilities in internet-connected smart devices. These can include security systems, security cameras, and internet-connected applications.
  • Use Antivirus Software – Good antivirus software, which may also protect against spyware, adware, and other threats – is a key element in cybersecurity. It’s also important to keep these programs updated. Because hackers constantly update their attacks, security software needs to be updated to protect against the newest viruses.

The key is to be proactive, so that mitigation can happen almost immediately. 

Large-scale DDoS attacks affect not only the intended victim, but also other unfortunate customers who may be using the same shared network service. Therefore, basic protection is good, but is it good enough? Using a layered, more comprehensive approach is what’s going to be a deciding factor in combating cyber attacks in today’s new age of cyber criminals. 

Xtel’s Proactive Approach to DDoS Mitigation

Xtel’s intelligent and network inherent DDoS monitoring and mitigation services can mitigate attacks quickly, minimizing your financial and legal risk. Xtel can help implement a multi-layer DDoS protection service directly into your network to actively monitor, detect and destroy DDoS attacks before they start.

Xtel goes beyond the basic approach with comprehensive threat detection. These capabilities include statistical anomaly detection, protocol anomaly detection, fingerprint matching and profiled anomaly detection. 

Xtel’s Cleanpipe solution continuously learns and adapts in real-time, alerting operators to attacks, as well as to unusual changes in demand and service levels. It provides the ability to modify countermeasures and delivers full packet capture and decode to get a detailed view of both normal and attack packet streams. This information is stored for future reference and management reporting.

Xtel’s Cleanpipe solution can isolate and remove the malicious traffic, without affecting other users, in as fast as a few seconds. Methods include identifying and black-listing malicious hosts, IP location-based mitigation, protocol anomaly-based filtering, malformed packet removal and rate limiting.

Having a multi-layered approach such as Xtel’s Cleanpipe with Xtel’s Internet, provides you with a connection dedicated to you only!

The Question Remains, Are You Ready For Today’s New Cyber Warfare? 

To help you keep your employees productive and your corporate data secure, we’ve written an e-book – Work Anywhere – Boost Employee Performance & Protection Against Cyber Attacks in 1 Powerful Move. Inside, we talk about the pros and cons of managing a hybrid workforce and what you need to know to keep your business safe. We will also provide you with a solution!

You can also check out our DDoS Mitigation infographic for a quick and informative overview.

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