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Myphone Connector-Legal Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) apply to the “Myphone Connector”, as defined herein,
and as set forth in the applicable Addendum, Proposal(s), quotation(s) or Purchase Order(s) for the
“Myphone Connector” by Xtel to the Customer. These terms should accompany Xtel’s general Terms and
Conditions found at

“Myphone Connector” is the MaX UC Connector for Microsoft Teams product which comprises a Teams
connector widget that is branded for Xtel and its and a hosted UCaaS service. “Myphone Connector”
enables eligible Customers of the MaX UC product to access certain MaX UC services and operations
from within their Microsoft Teams UI.

Customer understands that “Myphone Connector” is provided “AS IS” and cannot be relied on as a
method of accessing MaX UC services and operations. Customer is responsible for obtaining any licenses
necessary for Microsoft Teams and for setting up and maintaining those licenses.

Additionally, Customer understands the following: 

a. Xtel and Metaswitch will strive to keep services required for the “Myphone Connector” to function up
and running; however, all online services suffer occasional disruptions and outages, and neither Xtel nor
Metaswitch is liable for any disruption or loss Customer may suffer as a result. 

 b. Xtel may stop supporting the “Myphone Connector” at any time by providing 6 months’ notice of End
of Life, at which point the ability to use the “Myphone Connector” will cease immediately. As a result,
Customer may no longer be able to use the “Myphone Connector”. 

 c. Customer may occasionally need software updates to keep using the “Myphone Connector”. Xtel may
automatically check Customer’ version of the “Myphone Connector” and download updates or
configuration changes to the “Myphone Connector”