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JSA TV Interview with Brian Flynn, President of Xtel: How Working From Home Has Increased The Need For Cyber Security

JSA TV Interview with Brian Flynn, President of Xtel

Work-from-Home has become the new norm for many companies due to a dramatic shift created by the pandemic. With this, heightened sensitivity in cyber warfare has also become a hot topic. In this JSA TV interview, Carl Sketchley, JSA’s Vice President of Account Management, sits down with Brian Flynn, President of Xtel, to discuss the need for a unified approach to stopping cyberattacks and how Xtel is able to empower companies and employees remotely.

Work-from-Home Solutions

A range of related topics is discussed pertaining to Work-from-Home and cybersecurity, from data breaches and corporate network infiltration to the growing need for a comprehensive plan to safeguard technology at its most vulnerable points. Brian explains this in more detail, including Xtel’s ability to provide a customized and unique plan, tailored with the right services to protect companies from cybercriminals.

Brian also gives a sneak peek into what’s ahead for Xtel, including the ability to provide wireless data services directly to businesses through strategic partnerships recently obtained with major wireless carriers throughout the United States. More on this subject will be coming up on our blog in the not too distant future.

To learn more about Xtel’s Work-from-Home initiatives, click here.

To hear the discussion between JSA and Xtel in its entirety, watch the JSA TV interview below.