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Does your Company Have the Competitive Edge? The Value of Universal Communications.

Seamless collaboration within a company can give businesses the competitive edge.

A joint study between the Institute for Corporate Productivity and Babson College found that companies who promoted collaborative working were five times as likely to be high performing.

Unified Communications helps make this possible. It allows teams to communicate across departments whether in the same building or even across the country. No matter the business goal – winning a big sale, designing a new product, or beating a deadline; the ability to access UC tools such as cloud apps, video conferencing, screen sharing and telephony across all of your devices means that you and your team can easily and effectively communicate and collaborate.

When a sales rep is mobile and a customer calls into their office line, an important opportunity may be missed. With the right UC platform, you are assured calls can be answered across all mobile devices or automatically rerouted to another team member. This will lead to your team being more responsive.

At Xtel, we can show you how our Unified Communications Platform can improve productivity for you and your customers, while improving ROI.