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Alyssa’s Law

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed new legislation in February requiring school districts to equip themselves with panic alarms.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation in February 2019 called “Alyssa’s Law.”  The law, named after Parkland shooting victim Alyssa Alhadeff, requires that all public elementary and secondary schools be equipped with a panic alarm for use in an emergency such as a lockdown or active-shooter situation.  When activated, the alarm will remain silent in the building while alerting local law enforcement of the emergency via a signal or message.  School districts will also have the option to equip schools with an alternative emergency mechanism capable of performing functions similar to those of a panic alarm, as long as it is approved by the Department of Education.

Xtel has integrated its Hosted Voice platform with Syn-Apps Revolution, a market leader in mass notification systems. This powerful platform brings advanced notification, paging, and communications methods to the Xtel platform. Simply called ENS (Emergency Notification System), the platform can fully address a school district, office, or municipality’s communication needs for emergency alerts, active threat and lockdown, and general mass notification.  This system complies with the legislation passed in New Jersey.  To learn more about Xtel’s Emergency Mass Notification system, please follow this link.