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Adapting to Modern Workstyle with UC as an Enabler


Source: Computer Weekly | Read Full Article

We are knee deep in the transition to true office communications flexibility. Unified Communications allows for a trifecta of benefits:

1. Reduced costs by allowing the phone to become virtual on hardware the employee already carries

2. Increased productivity where the worker can conduct business and stay connected from anywhere, not just the office

3. Increased employee satisfaction from the flexibility provided by the business

And it’s not just the millennials that are craving these capabilities. In the article ‘Unified Communications in a Mobile World’, the author states:

According to a 2016 worldwide survey by Vodafone, 83% said adopting flexible working had resulted in improvements in productivity. Flexible workers are happier and fresher: instead of being worn out by commuting and a rigid work pattern, they are free to complete work when and where they are most suited.

This requires educating clients on solutions that can augment and evolve the client’s workforce, in addition to tailoring the appropriate solution for them. A true consultative process, evolving technology and proactive support help differentiate industry leaders from the followers.

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